My Life in Servitude: Welcome to the Service Industry

Waiter image

Welcome to the first post of a segment I like to call “My Life in Servitude.” If you’re a twenty-something (or were a twenty-something) who delayed making that five year plan, or wanted to take some time off to find yourself, or maybe even needed to work to pay for that ever increasing tuition, then you are probably familiar with this territory. Yes, my friends, I am referring to the service industry. These “transitional” jobs found a way to steal away more time than the initial “it’s just until I find something better” period we deemed reasonable. Heck, most of us thought of it as a “down time” we were entitled to. Entitlement is a whole other twenty-something issue intended for a whole other post.

My first job was teaching Taekwondo classes at a school in Florida. It became a second home for me, and remains something I am passionate about. You may even call it my dream job. Sometimes I revel in the irony that my first job was the dream.

Since then I have worked in numerous jobs in retail, as a barista, as a receptionist, and as a server (local restaurants, bars, and a couple of larger chain restaurants). To say that I am familiar with the service industry would be (not to sound cliché) an understatement.

The “Servitude” posts will serve as an outlet (mostly in the food industry) for the many perils of the job, including, but not limited to, cheap customers, horrible bosses, long shifts, and so much more! They won’t just be my stories. In fact, if you have stories you’d like to relay (some fellow industry workers have already shared plenty) then send them my way. Some will be funny, some will be horrifying, but all will be relatable if you currently work or have ever worked in the service industry. And maybe, just maybe, if one those cheap customers or horrible bosses ever stumble upon a story they’re guilty of, they might just learn something – Probably more ways to terrorize us.


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